BHOOKH BAKAR BAITHAK Perfect package of taste, vibes and ambience

Bhookh Bakar Baithak is a creative venture which aims at serving multiple cuisines catered by different brands under the same roof.

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Enjoy great Food at best place

It’s time to let your unconditional love for food do the talking and ditch those useless Diet Goals.

What’s life without good food?

Why Bhookh Bakar Baithak

Premium location

Amazing Food at LIG, Indore

Huge Open space

Open Ground Food Park

Turf & Playzone

Food & Sports at same place, A perfect combination right?


Ashutosh Patel

Director Turf & Operations

A Law Graduate with an agricultural family background heads the team of operations for the Company. A true sportsman spirit inside, ready to face any hurdle. He is a very capricious but disciplined, very honest, emotionally balanced & nature lover.

Dhruvam Sharma

Director Finance & Administration

An automobile graduate, singer, composer, and cinematographer takes care of the administration and finance team of the Company. With a very artistic mind, he is full of energy. He is a hard worker, humourous, confident, and a person open to new experiences.

Hitesh Chhajed

Director Marketing & Business Growth

A management dropout from Christ University, Bangalore. He heads the marketing, public relations, and business growth for the company. Its been more than five years since he started his entrepreneurial journey as he has a few more businesses of his own. He is very passionate, excited, a risk taker, and a person full of dreams.

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